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An Impersonator on the Prowl

An Impersonator on the Prowl

It was end of the road for a serial pharmacist(s) impersonator, Mr. Makanjuola Emmanuel, who had perfected the act of  licence theft. The pharmacy watch gathered that on the 31st of January, Mr. Makanjuola went to one Pharmacist Kutelu Belo, MD of covenant care pharmacy at Agbe road in Abulegba Lagos, to seek for employment as a pharmacist. After discussing with him, Pharm, Kutelu had an important meeting to attend and had to reschedule their meeting, he left for the meeting leaving makonjuola in his office with the other staff and a younger pharmacist who also came to finalize her appointment. Unknown to others  in the premises, Mr. Makanjuola took Kutelu’s annual licence, premise registration, and the licence of the younger pharmacist from her bag, he also took an antiretroviral drug. Luck ran out on him, when he took the stolen licence to one Teglo pharmacy who happened to be a good friend of kutelu, Teglo got in touch with his friend and inquired how his documents got to the hands of an applicant, the police were called  in and effected Makanjuola’s  arrest on the 1st of February,obtained his statement, got a search warrant and searched his house, there, they found other licences which he had stolen and impersonated prior to this one.while he claimed his name to be Makanjuola Emmanuel, the the two two licences found in his possession bears Pharm Alaran Ayodeji Sunday with registration number 016317, the other bears Makanjuoala Mogbonjuola Emmanuel with reg no 016328, also found in his possession were the zonal clearance form for the association of community Pharmacy(ACPN) AMEN  zone, a letter of employment from CIGNIC pharmacy, application for registration  as a pharmacy technician belonging to one Nwaizu Florence NNenna. while he claimed to have graduated from the university of Ile ife, the certificate in his possession bears Alaran Ayodeji Sunday, a graduate from the University of Lagos.

Investigation by the Pharmacy watch revealed that Makanjuola, in seeking employment as a pharmacist had faced PCN panel in Ogun state, which is a prerequisite to work in that state, they suspected him and asked him to bring all his original documents, he did not do that and never went back, rather he turned his attention to Lagos.

On the 3rd of February, he was charge to Agege magistrate court,where he pleaded not guilty, he was granted bail with #100,00 with two sureties in like sum and the case was adjourned till 23rd of February

The Pharmacist council of Nigeria (PCN) in their quest t sanitize the pharmacy profession also sent a representative to the court.

Pending his conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction, he remains innocent, but trust and stay with the pharmacywatch, we will keep you posted.

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