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Can you deliver 68th…The mouth symptoms

Can you deliver 68th…The mouth symptoms

A lady came to my office with a folder from the hospital, on enquiring from her why she took her folder away from the clinic, she told me the doctor was so busy and she feels he did not take time to attend to her because there were so many people he has to attend to, She took the prescription to the nurse and expressed her concern, the nurse advised her get malaria drug assuring her that the wound on her lips are signs of malaria, confused,she took her folder and decided to see her pharmacist, because, according to her, the pharmacist in the clinic wouldn’t have her time as they are over worked and has so many people to attend to. On examining the folder(a sheet of paper), I discovered it was just the sheet the doctor jotted down her her symptoms, what he wrote on it is as follows.
-angular stomatitis
-poor memeory
R/o plasmodium and salmonella
Then on the prescription, we have
Tab fluconazole 50mg daily x10/7
Tab riboflavin 5mg daily x3/12
Tab bcomplex I daily x3/12
Syrup astyfer 15mls daily
As a pharmacist what would you do,what advise or solution would you proffer.
………….unanimous wrote in from Zaria
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