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CAN YOU DELIVER 69. What salt form should I give?

CAN YOU DELIVER 69. What salt form should I give?

Many at times, drug experts recommend/dispense drugs to the patient without much consideration  to the salt forms of  such drugs.

Today at the antenatal clinic, my eyes kept glancing at the wall clock in the ANC pharmacy. It was fifteen minutes before close of work. The prescriptions kept pouring in and I couldn’t wait for the long hand to hit 12. In my fatigue, I didn’t see the new intern standing by me. She was one of those enthusiastic ones who would always want a prescription sent back to the doctor.

Intern: chief
Me: Yes, Pauline
Intern: This Prescription is for Erythromycin but we have erythromycin estolate, erythromycin stearate, and erythromycin succinate. I don’t know which of the salt to give.
Me: This is ANC pharmacy, I usually prefer two salt forms, who brought in the other salt form (turning to the technicians), I have told you guys not to bring a particular erythromycin salt here. Pauline,I will do that dispensing myself.
Which salt form is not advised in this setting? i will see you guys on friday

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