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Can YOU Deliver 72…The Sustain Release

Can YOU Deliver 72…The Sustain Release

This is the 72nd edition of our “can you deliver series”, and in the past year, I have received some mails like this one.
Good day senior colleague, I want to appreciate you for what you guys have been doing with the can you deliver series, but, I would like it, if you guys can also discuss cases in other areas of pharmacy practice besides community and hospital setting
Our reply
Thank you for the observation,the truth remains that what we writing are based purely on what we see daily in the community setting,people who have written to us are mostly community and sometimes hospital pharmacists. However, in response to this,we will  begin our search for industrial colleagues.
Today, see what we have got.
There was this interview I attended for a company that wants to import certain drugs, I was to register and work as a superintendents, I tell you , it was a different ball game to what we all know and do, like register a premise and all. Before I went for that interview, I was told they want to bring in sustained released diclofenac, so,normal thing,I jack everything on sustained release I could lay my hands on, “to better the company”. When I arrived on the day of interview,we were two, facing ourselves on either end of a mini conference table, with our “ogas”to be sitting in between. The other guy was told that what they wanted to bring in was just ordinary diclo,not sustain, I was asked to give the guy 5 reasons why we should NOT bring in SUSTAINED RELEASE,do you get it?,why we should not bring it in,recall I was told that is what we will bring in, The other guys was was also told to give me 5 reasons we should not bring in ordinary diclofenac, and we were informed that whoever convinces the other would be taken.

If you were n this table,Can you get you deliver?
Join us every Monday to Tuesday for can you deliver series,and Friday through Saturdays for here comes the answer series,we expect your replies to the questions and your criticisms to our answers.
If you have any experience as a pharmacist, a medical doctor,a nurse, scientist,physiotherapist etc that you think will help improve learning ,you can email them to us at ugwulekecc@gmail.com for publication.
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