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Can You Deliver, 74…The Thyroid Drugs

Can You Deliver, 74…The Thyroid Drugs

Good day senior colleague,
I really want to appreciate your effort on this can you deliverseries,since one of my classmates introduced it to me,I d not miss a thing. As you know, IT for pharmacy student is now very compulsory and so I started mine with a community pharmacy in my area,a big one for that. In the course of this training,I discovered something about thyroid drugs, and that is the fact the,I only see thyroid drugs like levothyroxine and not other thyroid drugs, I have asked my immediate superintendent,why this drug is the only they normally prescribe(we stay opp the gen.hosp) and of course the only one available and she gave it to me as an assignment, I have also asked one or two people I know, but got nothing convincing, So,I decided ask you, may be you can put it on your platform so that people can respond to it.

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Thank you
Pelumi,from Oyo state

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