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Can you deliver 41..the muslim brother

Can you deliver?

Can you deliver?

A client comes into the pharmacy with this prescription.
Tab pcm II tds X3/7
Anti-acid 10mls tds X1/52
The strange thing is that that, this our muslim brother has been coming for this particular prescription almost every two days for the past two weeks. You called him on this particular occasion and the following conversation took place
Pharmacist: sir, are you the one taking these drugs
muslim brother: yes
Pharmacist: what are you taking them for?
muslim brother: actually I had this little headache, so I took pcm for a while, and then I began to have this mild stomach ache too, meanwhile the headache was not really getting better, so I went to see a doctor, we did test for typhoid and malaria, nothing was found so he wrote this one for me
Pharmacist: okay… but are you fasting?
muslim brother: yes…any problem with that?
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  1. my Muslim friend is probably suffering from hypoglycemic induced acid secretion due to the fact that he is fasting………… for the headache, it could probably be due to lack of glucose supply to the brain. and the last resort for glucose supply (ketone bodies) probably will be used up after 2days

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