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can you deliver 43…Interns questions

Can you deliver?

Can you deliver?

It is a generally held belief in the Nigerian society today that “connection” is all that matter in job search, from internship to house jobs, residency etc etc, true as this may be, I can still assure you that there is always a place for those who worked hard, and that is the reason why we are doing all these. Keep working and reading hard, God will surely remember you in one of those he will favour when the list of people taken in place you applied for as interns/house officer is out.
This week, we will look at
1. What is the anatomic difference between autonomic and somatic nervous system?
2. What is the functional difference between the somatic and autonomic nervous system?
3. Mention two first line antimalarial drugs
4. in the administration if insulin, it advisable to rotate the injection site, why is this?

Join us every Monday for can you deliver series,and Fridays for here comes the answer series,we expect your replies to the questions and your criticisms to our answers. If you have any experience as a pharmacist, a medical doctor,a nurse, scientist,physiotherapist etc that you think will help improve learning ,you can email them to us at ugwulekecc@gmail.com for publication
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NOTE; Every first and last fridays of the month would be interns focused questions.

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