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can you deliver 44..the discussion

can you deliver 44..the discussion

futurerxdream room

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A friend shared this story with me. As a young pharmacy graduate, with great future ahead, he was and still interested in hospital practice. While discussing a colleague, they talked about pharmacy generally and the potentials bot tapped and untapped in the pharmacy profession, they discussed the challenges of practicing as a Pharmacist in Nigeria, he particularly was telling, this other colleague, of how he loved hospital practice and would love to go into it fully. This other person was more interested in industrial or community practice, while they were getting along with their discussion, this other colleague remembered that there were some expatriate coming into the country to establish a world class hospital and are recruiting people, doctors, nurses, scientists, pharmacist and all what have you. He gave him their e-mail so that he could apply since he was interested in hospital practice unlike him. He collected it, applied and was called for an interview a week later.
On the D-day, he up early and made himself available for the interview. On arrival, there were so many responsible looking young men and women, they management schedule and time management, gives one an idea of how serious minded they were. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the interview where short and specific. When it was his turn, he was called in, and panel of two men and a lady presented before him, the following definite diagnosis by a team of highly cerebral doctors of three patients. He was told that one had drug induced emesis, in the other, the doctors diagnosed as motion sickness and labyrinthine disorders, while last was also nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy and radiation. He was asked to suggest appropriate drug for the three patients.
O boy!!!…me, i will see you guys on Friday.
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