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Can you Deliver 59th…visual and hearing loss

I got a call from a friend of mine, that  his girlfriend complained of his inability to “last”, he decided to see a doctor friend of his, the doctor examined him, told he had some psychological problem and of course malaria and typhoid, prescription were given to him, he achieved better erection, but still didn’t last (by his girl’ sstandard). However,he has this hearing and visual impairment that last for several hours especially after sex, I told him to watsapp me the prescription and here it is

tab cipro 500mg bd x1/52

tab art-lum DS I bd x3/7

Nat-B I daily

tab sidenafil I 30 min before action

so I am wondering what the connection is, I asked him to call me back in 30mins time, what do ou think…yemi from Bayelsa

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  1. The visual impairment is due to the use of Sildenafil. In addition to inhibiting phosphodiesterase 5(which accounts for it’s therapeutic activity), Sildenafil inhibits phosphodiesterase 6, which is responsible for photo transduction. The ultimate effect of this is visual impairment. In fact, Sildenafil has been fingered in certain forms of glaucoma.

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