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Can you deliver 61st… The wedding mistake

Can you deliver 61st… The wedding mistake

I walked into my office for the first time after my return from a pharmaceutical conference to learn that an invitation was waiting for me. I wondered which of my classmates was getting married just a week from the last “choppings”.  To my surprise it was from a very dear client of mine, titi, who suffers terrible dysmenorrhea. I called her to acknowledge the invitation which was meant for the 19th  , four days from now.

Titi: I don’t even know if it is the excitement that makes my stomach ache from cramps

Me: Laughs. I thought as much cause I was thinking your cycle has changed from the date am seeing on the invite

Titi: ( with a voice like she has seen a ghost )pharmacist what do you mean ?

Me: I recall from our last discourse that your next cycle is meant to begin on the 17th

Titi: Oluwa o! Ye ye ! Ah! It is like I miscalculated o. I was thinking it ll be the upper week. Eh eh eh! What am I going to do o pharmacist?

Me: laugh. Don’t worry just come over. I have the panacea for this

In five minutes, there was a frantic knock on my door and I could hear her acknowledging the greeting from the sales assistants. As she made her way in, she began..

Titi:(barely sitting), pharmacist, oya..oya..wetin we go do,…ahhh…my enemies no go see me o….oya..oya..solution…menses keh!!!

























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