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Can you deliver 66th: Can quinine be used to Abort?

Can you deliver 66th: Can quinine be used to Abort?

Our pharmacy sent an sms in commemoration  of 2016 world maria day.  Few minutes later, i got this sms from one of our client

Good day pharm, thanks for the wonderful work you are doing, i got your sms for world malaria day, but I have this question that has been bordering me. My aunthy is pregnant and the doctor prescribed quinine and artesunate for her last month, she has taken it and and she is very fine now. Pharmacist, I want to ask, because  I knew some of my senior cousins years back that took Schweppes and andrews liver salt to remove or prevent pregnancy, as  biochemist, I am aware that Schweppes contains quinine, so as a pharmacist, is quinine safe in pregnancy, can it be used as a contraceptive.

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  1. Good day
    Firstly,let us analyse Andrew liver salt and explain it’s content. Sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate and citric acid.
    Citric acid is ur fruit so can not be an abortifact
    Sodium bicarbonate is ur baking powder and it has been categorise under class C in pregnancy
    Magnesium sulphate as we all know is used to stop excessive contraction. Mechanism of action remain a mystery but studies have shown that it is effective.
    Secondly, let us look at schwepps, it is a tonic drink that contain a carbonated quinine. The amount of quinine in schweps is 83mg per litre. The effective therapeutic dose of quinine is 500mg – 1000mg, so u wud need a lot of schwepps drink to use as an abortifact..
    A combination of schweps and Andrew liver salt as a contraceptive, abortifact, has no pharmacological backing but being realistic some testimonies have been havested from that usage. Cud It be as a result of potentiation -displacement reaction for receptor binding that mgso4 and schwepps wud cause uterine contraction and den bleed out of content. ?????

  2. Quinine remains d safest antimalarial in the first trimester of Pregnancy when compared to some ACTs. Mind you, ACTs are the most effective antimalarial against uncomplicated P.falciparum. Quinine however causes mild uterine contractions and I believe when abused,could induce serious uterine contractions which could lead to expulsion of d yet to b made strong matter in the uterus. This is especially possible in the first trimester of Pregnancy.
    Well as for Andrews liver salt, u wouldn’t find its usefulness in MTP. But then, remember every component of it is a poison when taken above its therapeutic range. Some illegal practitioners will advice it be taken because they believe its effervescent reaction could aid flushing out the content of the uterus; others will advice on hot tea.
    Bottom line is, None of these drugs are abortifacients and so should not b erroneously labelled as such. But if they induce violent uterine contraction, then d individual must have taken them above therapeutically accepted strengths and hence its no longer a drug but a poison.

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