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Can you deliver 52…the stomach ache

Can you deliver 52…the stomach ache

Most times, working as a community pharmacist could be exciting…professional-wise, other times it could be boring and dis-interesting…money-wise. Being a pharmacist, means that you have be a pharmacist everywhere, and anytime.
This weekend, one of my buddies wanted to buy me shawarma, so she picked me and we headed to where it was sold, as she pulled to the parking lot, I alighted and waited for her to park well and lead the way, as I was waiting, this lady and a girl of about 15years emerged from no where… Pharmacist, please sorry to bug you, I was just coming from your place and was told you were not around ( it is weekend woman!!!…na for mind I talkam o),as I was coming out, I saw you in that car, I called you, I horned but you did not hear, I asked the bike man to stop you for me, as the traffic light went red, when you guys passed…Ok, madam, how can I be of help? Thank you, you see this my niece, two days ago, she developed very slight stomach ache, so I got her flaggyl and tetracycline, she also had as light cough, so I bought benylin expectorant as well. But since that day before yesterday, she has been vomiting, the stomach seems to have gotten worse, ..you know this girls of nowadays, I had to take her ton the lab on doctor’s advice for a pregnancy test, but while we await the test, what can she use, the doctor gave us colipan, but I have not seen improvement
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