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Funny side of the practice 6th

Funny side of the practice 6th

And this man walks into the pharmacy with quick paces, permit me to call him customer 1. Before he could say what he wanted, a medical doctor rushes in for an emergency. The following took place
Pharmacist:(to customer1)good evening sir.
Customer 1: how u dey my Pharm?
Pharmacist: I am fine sir, how was ur day?
Customer 1: hmm..we thank God, please do you….
Doc:(rushes in)…please pharm let me have pent and tegretol 2%, it’s an emergency
Customer 1:…emer what!…so mine own is not emergency, what nonsense, you….
Pharmacist: it’s ok sir, I will get somebody to attend to you while I attend to the doctor…please
As the pharmacist called somebody to attend to him and wanted to start attending to the doctor,customer 1 held his hands and said
Customer1: Pharm, let that girl attend to that emergency, you will attend to mine own emergency, mine is a very great emergency…
Doctor: sir, this is about life and death, I am not here for…
Customer1: (turning to the doctor, who was getting impatient now)…and mine is what…death and life?…I am here before you and I must be answered first, see this guy, you want to make things spoil for mee?
Meanwhile,the pharmacist has has told someone else to get the drugs for the doctor,while the argument was ongoing on,the drugs needed by the doctor was brought and packed and he went to pay, meanwhile, customer 1 was still holding unto the pharmacist. As the doctor made his way out, customer 1 hissed and said.
Customer 1: no mind them, na so dem dey lie, no b only emergency na labour, na so some carry ambulance enter filling station during this last fuel scarcity,dey form emergency, na so everybody give dem chance, dey buy full tank and two rubber, I even pay for some, only for me to dey comot see dem where dem chop isi-ewu besides the filling station come dey use hose dey transfer d one wey dem buy for rubber into their cars, lie lie,dem no fit do me again, dem see me come dey laff, dey tell me say,oga this is lagos…Abeg give my own emergency..emergency dey house for me.
Pharmacist(laughing): what do we give you sir?
Customer 1:give me two kiss condoms

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