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Can you deliver 76th…The eyelashes

Can you deliver 76th…The eyelashes

Most of the times in a pure community pharmacy setting, where a pharmacist is not under undue pressure should he/she not  be the premises owner, you will get to learn a lot of things that makes pharmacy practice and drugs so interesting.
This particular day, this lady comes to the office, with a very unusual complaint, not for herself, but for her fath-in-law, who doesn’t seem to be worried about the “problem”
This lady complained that her father-in-law’s eyelashes had grown to an extent that his grandchildren are scarred of him, and that he doesn’t want to shave it. The family doctor said there is nothing wrong with him,and of course nothing seem to be wrong with him, but “those eyelashes are not normal”
So, we inquired if he is on any medication(that’s our field), she said not really, may be multivitamin, some Chinese tea,eye drops and one other thing I saw in his drug bag yesterday, don’t know what that is.
She was asked how long has he been on those drugs, she said as long she could recall,way before she married his son, and her first child is eight now.
She was asked to bring the drugs, and here is the list.
.Reload 50+
.silver needle white tea
.xalatan eye drop
.yeast powder
.kamsu oil
You have seen the case, now looking from a pharmaceutical/ professional pin hole, can we be of any help to this lady. It is not a problem, is not just eyelashes, but to her, that eyelashes is a proble. read more

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