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Here comes the answer,76th..the eyelashes.

Here comes the answer,76th..the eyelashes.

last Monday, we looked at a case of a lady that came with rather anunusual complaint, for her father in law.

looking at his drug list, perhaps we could spot the culprit.

  • Reload 50plus, is just a multivitamin, which he probably takes to keep healthy.
  • White tea is  an unfermented and  uncured green tea that was quickly dried. It is autochthonous  to Fujan Province, lighter in color than other types of tea and with a subtle flavor. White tea got its name from the tradition of peasant Chinese people offering plain boiled water to guests, in the absences of tea, renaming it “white tea”. Popular brands of white tea are White Peony and Silver Needle.
  • Yeast is useful for keeping the eye healthy.It is a valuable nutritional supplement because it contains high levels of vitamins and protein. These nutrients are essential for eye health. First and foremost, it contains 18 amino acids, making it a complete protein, as well as 15 different minerals

Latanoprost eye drops may produce a slow but steady  increase in the amount of brown pigment within the iris, as a result of in- creased melanin content of melanocytes. This change in eye colour is mostly seen in patients with mixed colour irises, and may be irreversible  in some patients. The onset ofthis iris pigmentation is usually within the first 8 months of treatment, unusually during the second or third year, and has not been seen after the fourth year of being on treatment. Darkening, lengthening and thickening of eye lashes may occur and are reversible treatment is discontinued .

So, it is obvious what the culprit is, it the xalatan (latanoprost), since the effects are known to be irreversible, she can advise the man to shave, at least she no w knows it is ordinary.
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