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Here Comes The Answer 40…the prescription

Here Comes The Answer 40…the prescription

Here Comes The Answer..32; The ContracepetiveSince the patient complained of the nightmares only after taking the drugs, it mean she thinks her problem are drug relate,but she does not know the particular drug, therefore, as a pharmacist, you need to apply your expertise on drugs on this issue, should the problem persist after pharmaceutical intervention, then we can begin to look elsewhere.
Within and from the context of the complaint and the drugs in that prescription, it is obvious that ciprofloxacin is the culprit because if its CNS effect, which includes nightmares among other effects. There is basically nothing wrong with prescription, there is need to find out from the prescriber why he added astymin, should he/she say it was due to the malaria and there is need for a blood tonics (most of them say that), then the astymin should be changed to astyfer.
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