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Here comes the answer 43

Here comes the answer 43

on Monday we looked at some of the possible questions for our colleagues preparing for internship, here are the answers to those questions.
1. What is the anatomic difference between autonomic and somatic nervous system?
-An autonomic system has ganglia which is between the spinal chord and the innervated tissue.
-Somatic system has no ganglia,it is a one way traffic.
2. What is the functional difference between the somatic and autonomic nervous system?
-Autonomic nervous system controls involuntary actions because it innervates smooth muscles
-Somatic nervous system controls voluntary actions because it innervates the skeletal muscles.
3. Mention two first line antimalarial drugs
-Dehydro artemisinine-piperaquine
4. in the administration if insulin, it advisable to rotate the injection site, why is this?
The injection site should be rotated to avoid lipo-atrophy.it should be rotated between subcutaneous muscles ofthe buttocks, abdomen(most preferred ),anterior thigh and anterior arm
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