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FutureRxdream, caught up with the ever busy president of pharmaceutical association of Nigerian students,(PANS) OOU , Pharmacist Adepoju Kehinde Phillips earlier this week and he bared his mind on a lot of issues, including the challenges of being a president, his dream of PANS OOU and Pans in general,his thought on politics, pharmacy as a profession and so on.

After scheduling and rescheduling, we finally met him, the first impression you have of him is a quiet and calm fellow,but wait until you he speaks…..

FRxd: Can we meet you?

Kenny: Iam Adepoju Kehinde Phillips, the PANS President of Olabisis Onabanjo University OOU

FRxD: What is your dreams for PANS OOU,like what type PANS OOU would love to leave behind, at the end of your tenure?

Kenny: My dreams for Pans OOU is to move PANS to a greater level of delivery, both at professional and leadership level, I intend to leave behind an association that feels the pains of its members, an association that would serve as breeding ground for trans generational leaders, it is my desire that I leave behind an association that produces men of refined character and integrity, who will never trade human life and wellbeing for money, I dream of a PANS that will periodically dispense professionals who know their worth yet have respect for other professionals.

FRxD: So far in your tenure, what challenges have encountered that makes this dream tasking?

Kenny: The challenges are enormous but surmountable…I call it leadership challenges.

FRxD: Could you mention one or specifically?

Kenny: Passion and drive, passion is what keeps one awake while others are sleeping, drive is what you need to keep you moving irrespective of setbacks, not all members of the executive have the drive to make things happen, some you have to push others you drag, while some you just have to pull…when you have this, what results is a big burden on the head, what was designed to be a division of labour becomes a task to be executed by few people and you know what the result will be.

FRxD;  Mr. President, we are aware that PANS OOU week is scheduled for mid next month, what do we expect

Kenny: Yes, the PANS week is coming soon, it is scheduled for march 14th –march 21st. It would start with a community health outreach to the members of the Sagamu community, you know, our way of giving back to the society/community that has given so much to us. Various tests such as BP, BMI, eye test, glucose level monitor, among others would be carried out for free and drugs given accordingly.

Saturday, 15th of March would alumni reunion…bringing back home together, our very own.

Monday 17th March, would be the D-day, we start with opening ceremony, and launching of our annual magazine- the Pharmatorch, also award of recognition would be given to our most consistent sponsors.

Tuesday 18th March would be the academic seminar and symposium; erudite speakers would be on ground to give us an in-depth lecture on the theme; CURRENT TREND IN ACUTE AND CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT-the pharmacist perspective. In the evening of that same day, we will have our traditional night…wao! Come see pharmacist display their cultural heritage…!!!

FRxD: Oh yeah!

Kenny: (rises to demonstrate)..cultural performances, beauty  and colour would characterize  that evening…you don’t wanna miss that, do you..

FRxD: Noo…tell me more!!

Kenny: on the 19th of March, we will host the quiz and debate, unlike in the past years, five pharmacy schools would be ably represented in the quiz and debate, there will be a display of excellence, drill and intellectual battle, and the winners would be announce accordingly….my brother hot sit pass hot sit o!!!.

The evening of that same day, will usher in the costume night…it is our way of showing the world how versatile pharmacists are, we dress or act to mimic, it is always a site to behold…Pharmchem,Pharmacognosy etc has trained us to do all things…come see for yourself!!!

Thursday 20th, we will have our pharmacolympics (Olympics and pharmacy). You need not wait for the next Olympics games because it will be happening life and direct here in Sagamu, students would be given the opportunity to showcase their strength and competitive skills, the matches would be played at gateway international stadium, Ikenne. Then Friday!! Oh Friday!! ( clears throat), that is the 21st of march, we will have our dinner and award night, I do not want to explain much, It  promises to be tight, red carpet, video coverage, awards, elegance, class etc…you can’t just be able to explain that night, it is better experienced that explained.kenny2

FRxD: So what are the challenges facing you and your team with respect to the preparations towards this great week?

Kenny: The major one is finance and delayed response,I want to use this medium to enjoin all agent of change reading this, to support us in every way possible to make the week a success and our community a better place for all.

FRxD: Mr. President, let’s talk about politics in PANS OOU and PANS in General, how would you rate PANS politics

Kenny: Hmmmm….politics in Pans, a politician would have answered this question better. I don’t think I am the best to give answers to that, may be because I am not a politician ( laughs).

FRxD: Mr. President, if you are not a politician, then what are you, how did you become the president of PANS OOU?.

Kenny: I knew you would ask that question.

FRxD: Hahaha!!!

Kenny: I would say the era of politicking has been confined to the footnote of history.

FRxD: So what is in vogue now?

Kenny: For lack of better word, I will use the word administrators, or simply put ..leaders, you know a leader is a person who is driven by passion to make everywhere he or she finds his/herself to glow with change… he sees the problems and he is willing and ready to solve the problems, just to put a smile on people’s faces.

FRxD: So, do you consider yourself as a leader?

Kenny: I think I shouldn’t be the person to judge that, I will allow my works to speak for me

FRxD: So how did you emerge as the leader/administrator of PANS OOU?

Kenny: By election.

FRxD: Mr President who was the opposition you respected or feared he most?

Kenny: The post of the President was keenly contested by three intelligent men, but one had to win, for the records, I did not fear any of the two but I respected them a lot, so I took the last part of that question with a pinch of salt. Leadership position is not a position to be fought for…it just comes with its challenges…we leaders do not take it as a do or die affair, may be politicians do. They understand the enormity of the task, so they do not fight for it, when you see a man fighting for a position, it is either he does not know what it entails or he has a hidden agenda.

FRxD: I get your drift,so of the two other contestants, whom do you think posed the greatest threat to your becoming the president, in terms of popularity and acceptance by OOU PANSites?

Kenny: Like I pointed out earlier, the pendulum did not swing to any side, they were both popular,both loved and respected, so I rate them 50-50.

FRxD: Mr. President, what message do you have for PANSites at OOU and PANSites in general?

Kenny: First, let me communicate the motto of PANS-DEDICATION AND HONESTY. PANSites should be dedicated and honest, dedicated to saving lives by acquiring knowledge which is power, they should be confident and ready to defend the profession at all time. A good name is better than gold, they should not trade integrity for anything, keep working,keep hoping and together we will lift the banner of pharmacy, after all.. AS MEN OF HONOUR..WE JOIN HANDS.

FRxD: Thank you very much Mr. President for your time and all of  us at FUTURERXDREAM, wish you the best in the upcoming PANS week and your tenure generally

Kenny: Thank you so much for having me, keep up the good work you are doing, more power to your elbow and more ink to your pen.

FRxD: Thank you Mr. President, have a lovely weeknd.

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