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Religion and medicatios: an unhealthy combination

Religion and medicatios: an unhealthy combination

It is not unusual in this part of the world to come across patients who would buy drugs and the not take them due to his/her religion or for religious purposes.

I once saw a patient, a Muslim, who has been diagnosed with chronic ulcer and was placed on H.pylori eradication tripple regimen for two weeks, after about five days of taking the drugs, the sixth day coincided with the fasting in accordance with islamic faith, though he felt better,but wanted to know if he can halt the medication and continue post fasting. i took time to educate him on the reasons that is not advisable, I talked about resistance, illustrated it, advised him that fasting is also a risk factor and he has to abstain from the fast that year until he is fully recovered. He listened raptly but in the end, he said ” Pharm,I think Allah wants to try my faith,thank you for your advise, but I would fast”…I just felt a mixture of crying and yelling at him, but held my peace. After about four(4) months, he came to buy drugs,but narrated to me how he nearly died and had to be rushed to LASUTH, when I inquired,the reason for his near death, he told me that after fasing for sometime,he  suddenly had this pain in his stomach,as if hell was kindled there,and then he began to stool blood, fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital. you know,pharme continued, if not that I was fasting, the devil would have killed me, but Allah is great, he saved me,ahh!! pharm, I spent money there o, over 70 thousand Naira …you can imagine my bottled anger/disappointment. Another similar case,is that of  a man who came to complain about his swollen feet, edematous, medically speaking, he was asked, sir,are you hypertensive, have you ever been on anti-hypertensive drug(s)? He hesitated for a while,staring into oblivion,gesticulated in a manner depicting he as trying to recall, and then said ” that was before,I have killed it with the word”, I was perplexed, okay sir, can we check your Bp? He obliged,it was checked,and the result read 237/112mmhg..hmmmm.    I had to sit him down,quoted some bible verses,we talked about faith for while,I took time to explain to him, that I have seen God’s miracle, but his is still very much there and there is need for him to go to the general hospital for a total check up, to ensure his kidney is still fully functional,an advice he took,and today,he is just on anti-hypertensive drugs and everything is fine.

A doctor friend also narrated how a woman went to church while in labour  to deliver, and after so many hours,she was  practically bundled to the hospital  by the brother in law, where it was discovered the baby was dead, but at least she was saved. I personally think,there should minimum a academic qualification to qualify one as a made of God,it will help to reduce ignoramus based faith. How can somebody be suffering from head ache,but his/her religion forbids drugs,it beats my Imagination!!!




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