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When do we get our own discount

When do we get our own discount

We all love discount, because it is a very good way of marketing and maintaining good customer base, discounts should be applicable to all and sundry within any establishment. within the health sector there are so many things you can say about medical doctors and pharmacists’ relationship. But there is one relationship between these two professionals that has baffled me because tome,it is of unknown etiology. It is not uncommon for a medical doctor to walk into a pharmacy to buy drugs, and after much camaraderie and professional discussions and consultations, when it is time to pay, he/she brings in and insists on getting 10% discount off the drugs purchased, you now begin to wonder where such agreement was made between these two professional bodies. The funny thing is that, it is not just one or two medical doctors,almost all of them do insist on it, this had left me wondering if this, was part of what they where taught in medical schools…that a pharmacist must give all medics 10 percent discount.
I have colleagues who has had cause to visit the consulting room for one thing or the other, and non of them has ever come out to testify about getting any form of discount, it made me wonder, does it mean our good lecturers forgot to tell us to insist on it upon visitation to the consulting room in pharmacy school.I want to ask a question.
My question now is this, if a medical doctor gets a discount when they visit a pharmacy, do pharmacist get theirs when they visit the consulting room and what is the percentage discount.


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