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An Unrepentant Impersonator

An Unrepentant Impersonator

The Bible said in the book of mark 7:21 that, For from within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts…. sometimes you one can’t help but appreciate why Christ had to die for us…our hardened heart.

The name Makonjuola Emmanuel would not be strange toall our followers,we did a story on it some months ago.

After his arraignment, his family members, friends and well wishers came in droves and pleaded for mercy from the impersonated Pharmacist, to which he agreed and the case was settled out of court, and he was allowed to go and promised never to be involved in such acts ever again. But like the heart of man, hardened,unyielding to common sense, and unrepentant,Mr Makonjuola took his impersonation business to a whole new level. He dressed and headed to the Pharmacist society of Nigeria (PSN) Secretariat at Ojodu-Lagos, looking for a job as a pharmacist( which he is not), to give you an incline of how hardened his heart is, he waited for over two hours to access the vacancy register, in the course of his prolonged waiting, the ACPN lagos chair-lady, who happens to be around the secretariat, noticed he has been waiting for so long, and inquired his mission, while he talked, she suspected he was not a pharmacist, prodded him further,and viola!!!,.he gave in, and was arrested. And, as usual,he had licences of other Pharmacist whose pictures he had replaced  with his picture on their licences.

We advise Pharmacist and pharmacy owners, to carry out proper investigation before employing anybody as a pharmacist, don’t add more to yourself,the recession in Nigeria,is more than enough headache. I hope this won’t be settled out of Court

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