AS PHARMACIST, ARE WE OUR OWN PROBLEM?

    Since e the inception of pharmacy practice in Nigeria, can we as pharmacist proudly tell ourselves that we are where we ought to be at this time. The question that has bedeviled that pharmacy practice for so long is this “Are pharmacists their own problem”?

    Pharmacy is a very broad discipline with wide array of opportunities’ and prospects, but  how well, we, as pharmacist have utilized these prospects to the  advantage, propagation and growth of the profession remains to be seen and felt, the pharmacy profession in Nigeria has grown into a typical polygamous-like families of Africa, where love, care, protection and  shelter that is expected from the family members are turned into squabbles and dog eat dog affair, It is not uncommon to witness scenes of heated argument between hospital and community pharmacy, disagreement between the industrial pharmacist and business pharmacist, nonchalant attitude of the regulatory bodies to the plight of pharmacy as a profession, irreconcilable difference between older generation and younger generation pharmacist,what does this portend for this noble profession, I bet you, it leaves nothing to be envied of,.

 As a young pharmacist,I must not  derail the efforts made by our older pharmacist to the advancement of this profession,the effort of prof. Dora Akinyuli to the development of  all aspect of pharmacy is commendable indeed, professor Nze Aguwa of university of Nigeria contributions to the growth of clinical pharmacy is much appreciated,Ifeanyi Atueyi in the area of publication is appreciated, and others like prof Chinedum Babalola of UI, and so many men of honour too numerous to name, who had in one way or the other contributed positively towards the betterment of this profession would be rewarded immensely by God, However, I would like to address those pharmacist who had done nothing for the furtherance of this noble career, but would rather discourage those who attempts to make it better than the way the met it, those appalling pharmacist who sit on the fence and blame the doctors for stalling pharmacy growth, while in reality they are the ones pulling us back, most especially, I would like to address the most annoying caliber of pharmacist, those pharmacist who has done nothing to promote this profession but would rather sit back to criticize and downgrade the effort made by others, those pharmacist who has been classified by pharmacist Uchenna Maduka as “discouraging pharmacist”

 Pharmacist seems  to be expert in the blame game, but wait o..Let’s examine this objectively………to be continued.

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