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Be of good cheer

Be of good cheer

The pharmaceutical sector has never had it this bad in history, the body is being fought from left right and center, from ordinary people who know nothing about drugs but run unregistered shops, to matrons and auxiliary nurses who veer into patent medicine practice as retirement shock absorber, from dare devil drug peddlers,traders and non pharmacist who pervade the spaces in the open drug market to persons albeit pharmacist,but like a sour soup has lost the meaning to their calling and thus has become a source of pain to the pharmacy body.
What do we say to Nigerian medical association(NMA) and those under its umbrella, who have become like a beter on bet9ja who refuse to give somebody his codes as if the money from bet9ja is from his pocket,they have constituted themselves into a clog in the wheel of pharmaceutical growth, if not how do explain a recent mockery they intend taking to court where they aim to regulate other professionals, how do you explain calling on Nigerian university commission(NUC) to suspend pharma D program, pathetic as it seems, they have decided to remove every apparel of shame, have thrown caution to the winds, like a drowning man clogging to any straw.
Therefore,Pharmacists should know that we are in a war, a war that must be won,a war that is been fought at all front, a war for patient who have not realized we are fighting for them. pharmacist has been shaking the health care team table for a very long time, we will continue to fight until we ensure that any person who buys even the simplest medicine gets the value for it. BE OF GOOD CHEER, WE SHALL OVERCOME

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