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Can you deliver 48: the celecoxib…guest write in

Can you deliver 48: the celecoxib…guest write in

I personally want to appreciate you for the wonderful work you are doing with this wonderful series, since I started following it, I must confess, I have learnt a whole lot. Ensure you keep it.
I went to the hospital to visit a friends wife who was delivered of a baby through a Caesarian, on our arrival, we met with the doctor, in his office ( it was a private hospital), while he was congratulating my friend for a successful surgery and explaining how difficult it was…but in all, we thank God it was successful. We now decided to go see our wife, when we got to her private ward, the nurse told the doctor their pharmacist said the diclofenac which was part of her take home drug should be changed to Celecoxib, the doctor said, if the pharmacist said give celecoxib, then give that.
The question I want to ask now is, what was going on in the pharmacist’s mind
Pharmacist Audu wrote in from Jos, plateau state Nigeria.

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  1. But how I wan know wetin dey the pharmacist mind, no bi wetin dey him mind him say make dem give?
    We need more history

  2. Celecoxib and Diclofenac are both NSAID But in mechanism of action it differs. Celecoxib is COX-2 selective inhibitor Which reduce the production of prostglading and Diclofenac is both COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitor it inhibitor the production of prostaglandin. But from the studies done celecoxib is more tolerable with less GIT side effect such as GI bleeding and it also has quick onset of action when compared to diclofenac besides these both are thesame in function.

  3. Diclofenac as a non selective nsaid would first inhibit d prostaglandin production in git and other parts of the body thereby delaying wound healing and secondly can predispose the patient to ulcer and bleeding from d cuts since nsaids are also blood thinners. Celecoxibs has less of these effect bcos it inhibit mainly d prostaglandin in d kidneys and liver.

  4. Nsaids are also contra indicated in nursing mothers.

  5. I am impressed…well done!!!

  6. Somebody…u r funny…but we r serious here!!!

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