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CAN YOU DELIVER 51…The prescription

CAN YOU DELIVER 51…The prescription

A patients walks into the pharmacy, demanded to see the pharmacist, and presented the prescription below. for a while he watched you as you took a look at the prescription, then he added,.. i am new in this area, but somebody..my neighbor actually, directed me here…so Pharmacist, what do you think is wrong with my wife.
…see you Friday night

the prescription

the prescription

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  1. menstrual irregularity or amenorrhoea due to hormonal insufficiency

  2. pffff… can’t even read or make sense of the prescription!! Would need my glasses for this.

  3. The above drugs on d prescription r hormonal drugs, and I will nid the presence of d wife to answer him… For d doctor to have evaluated the woman and prescribed dat it must me either Amenorrhea or dysmenorhea or ovulatory issues… But definitely I will insist for d presence of d woman to answer to him and make proper diagnosis of d situation before dispensing

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