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Can you deliver 6 2nd. ..The HAART Pharmacist

Can you deliver 6 2nd. ..The HAART Pharmacist

Wednesdays are our special clinic days for pregnant women This case got us cracking. Aminat, a 35 year old trader presented for the first time with symptoms suggestive of hepatitis B infection  She was already 3months gone. Previous medication history as clerked by the doctor revealed weekly interferon Which she stopped taking 5months ago due to financial reasons

She had been detected reactive to the HIV antigen on free medical screening by a local NGO and had been appropriately referred

Lab investigation confirms  positive reaction to the two viral antigens and eligibility for HAART .  Going through the folder the doctor prescribed combivir (lamivudin/zidovudine) and efavirenz. In curiosity, the lady said ” pharmacist, they said the infection has eaten my liver”. Who said? I asked. One of my friends like that, she replied…did the doctor add drugs for that too?

please people come in here for pharmaceutical care, if any.

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