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Can you deliver 64th: Anti malarial choices in first trimester

Can you deliver 64th: Anti malarial choices in first trimester

It happened the first time and I just thought it was inexperience on the part of the practitioner. The second time another patient called me for thesame situation from thesame general hospital and I got worried. Mr. Kola sounded as disappointed as he ought to be

Mr. Kola: Hello Pharmacist, sorry to disturb you o

Me: Hi Kola, it’s no problem

Mr. Kola: Pls I just went to pick my wife from the general hospital where she registered for antenatal.

Me: OK

Mr. Kola: The problem is that she has malaria but the doctor said there is nothing she can do because she is just three weeks. There is nothing safe she can use

Me: (sarcastically) And so the malaria will just go away? Does the doctor want her to die?

Mr. Kola: I don’t know O. That is why am calling you.

Me: OK don’t worry. I ll recommend something safe for her to use. Get her…?

We know we have answered questions on anti malarial choices in pregnancy before on this site but the sender wants us to be sure that pharmacists know what to do in this kind of situation. Like she said in her mail, it was a recurring incidence from the hospital.

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  1. These drugs are contra indicated in pregnancy include -halofantrine, doxycycline, tetracycline, primaquine. Studies have shown notable toxicity both during labour and child toxicity.
    In the delicate first trimester – artesunate, sulphadoxine and pyrimethermine .only, while after the first trimester other antimalaria not listed above can also be given.

  2. Me thinks Tab. Quinine is okay for the first trimester of pregnancy.
    Others are kinda CI

  3. I also think Proguanil is Okay in first trimester of pregnancy

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