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Can you deliver 70th: The multivitamin

Can you deliver 70th: The multivitamin

Returning from the ACPN meeting that morning, I was yet to settle comfortably in my seat when my boss rang me. On getting to his office, I was surprised to see two sales representatives from our indigenous pharmaceutical companies arguing ostensibly to prove that his own brand of multivitamin was better than the other’s.

Boss: Pharm. Oyindamola thank God you are here. Because am not a pharmacist these two want to bamboozle me with all their medical jargons.
I have to chose between these two brands of multivitamins as I cannot accommodate any extra in my shelve. We already stock the popular ones. I trust your judgement

Me : let me look at their contents

The first had the following vitamins

Vitamin A
Vitamin B1,B2, B3
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Panax Ginseng

The second whose representative was already tired from the argument had the following

Vitamin D3
Folic acid
Having perused their contents, I looked up with a grin at my boss who kept mumbling they are all the same all the while my head was at work.

The room is silent, my boss trust my judgemen, the reps are all ears, what I say must be backed with accessible facts, if you were in my shoes, what would it be?
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  1. I wud ask my boss to stock a little of each cos both a rich I their own way!

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