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Can you deliver  71…Syrup vs Drop

Can you deliver 71…Syrup vs Drop

The discussion between drop and syrup is nothing new to a practicing communtypharmacist.
This friend of mine had just finished his service and luckily got a superintendent job, he resumed and of course assumed all responsibilities with minimal experience at his disposal. With over one year of community practice experience, I am in a better position to put him through, so once in a while I go there to lend him a helping hand.
On this very day, as I stepped into the pharmacy, he rushed me..Pharm, please can you help me explain this to this lady, she wanted to buy paracetamol for her 4 months child,I sold the drop to her, she just brought it back and started insulting me, that I do not know what I am doing, that how could I give a drop for a four months old baby,knowing fully well that the syrup was stronger and more appropriately,I am really angry now,I am just trying hard not show it. (moving closer to the lady and in a lower tone) He said, Senior colleague, how do I best explain to this lady that paracetamol is paracetamol irrespective of the dosage form, before I could alter a word, the lady said. Sorry o, “senior colleague” did you hear what he just said, please how is 1ml of paracetamol in drop same as 2.5ml in syrup, because I was told in general that drop is not good for my baby,that drop is meant for baby like 1-3 months,my baby is 5 months!!!.Please convince me our senior colleague.
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  1. just work out the math in mg/kg dosing

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