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Can You Deliver,73rd..The Super Vitamin

Can You Deliver,73rd..The Super Vitamin

There is now considerable interest in dietary supplements and vitamin,therefore increasing numbers of people
are using them. Individuals buy supplements for many different reasons, which may include the following:

  •  As an insurance policy, to supplement what an individual may consider to be a poor diet
    (e.g. no time or inclination to eat regular meals).
  •  To improve overall health and fitness.
  •  To prolong vitality and delay the onset of age-associated problems
    I had the course to dispense this vitamin supplement to three different individuals with different medical conditions
  • The first was a primigravida with vomiting of morning sickness.
  • The second, a non-gravid on OCT.
  • The third was an epileptic patient who often goes into status epilepticus.

What is this super vitamin? And I heard it has other uses. Can we know them?

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