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Daily pharmacist diary… Nigerian girls and bleaching sha

Daily pharmacist diary… Nigerian girls and bleaching sha

empress new These gorgeous jaw dropping beauties parked and alighted from their Honda crosstour, as I observe from the slit of my office, I could see the sales boys and procurement manager adjusting their clothes getting ready to attend to these three mermaids, as they walked into the pharmacy, the air became still as every other customer and client just stopped whatever they were buying or bargaining to feed their eyes. The beauties were aware they had caused a’’looku looku’’ commotion, but were less concerned because, perhaps this not their first time.
Good morning, greeted one of them to the person on the counter, good morning, he replied with generational courage, we like to see the pharmacist, ok, sit down, let me inform him. I was informed that some persons wanted to see me, ask them to come in, I replied. As they made their way into the office, I gestured them to the sits in front of my table without looking up as I busied myself on the system, after about one or two minutes, with intermittent reminder in between that I will be with them in no time, I lifted my eyes from the system to behold what ‘’siteth’’ before me, as a “badoo”, you should know this is not my first time of seeing beautiful ladies both artificial an natural in addition to the fact that about 50% percent of my classmates in school were extremely beautiful, and are all pharmacist today, so no be today!!!.
You are welcome, so what can I do for you, young ladies, yes, pharmacist, hope we are not bothering you, one of them with an eyelash that would be suitable for spatula replied, no, not in any way, of course, I am here for one reason…you!!!
Thank you, she replied, pharm, she continued, we are here because we just need our skin to be glowing, you know to be very smooth and naturally fair, some person told us that some drugs like gluthation can do that without side effects, so we just needed to know how safe they are. But you girls are not electric bulb, why una wan glow, I replied jokingly…we wan be like bulb o, if possible, one of them replied. We all laughed.
Well, talking about glutathion and skin lightening,you need to know what melanin is.Melanin, sometimes referred to as a chemical, is formed as part of the process of metabolizing an amino acid called tyrosine. In the skin, melanin is formed by cells called melanocytes. Certain medical conditions, such as albinism, are associated with the lack of melanin. Albinism is a condition marked by the absence of a normal amount of pigment in the body. Animals, humans, and even plants can have albinism.
Albinism exists in a number of variations. Depending on the type of albinism, the skin, hair, and eyes may all be affected. In fact, ocular albinism affects not only the color of the eyes, hair, and skin, but also results in poor vision. Additionally, some types of melanin deficiency are associated with increased mortality rates.
Melanin provides many benefits to human beings. One of the most recognized benefits involves ultraviolet rays of the sun. Melanin provides a natural protection against the harmful effects of these rays. However, it does not provide complete protection from the sun, and individuals with darker skin tones are still at risk from the sun’s damaging rays
Generally, those with darker skin tones and more melanin are able to tolerate exposure to the sun for hours without getting sunburn. By contrast, a person with lighter skin may get sunburn after spending only minutes in the midday sun. Skin cancer is directly related to exposure to the sun and the presence of less than optimal amounts of pigment. Sun exposure has even been linked with cataracts.
Melanin is also a mechanism for absorbing heat from the sun. This purposes is of particular importance to cold-blooded animals. Snakes, lizards, certain types of fish, and a wide range of other animals depend on their surroundings, including the rays of the sun, to establish and maintain their body temperatures.
Also important for sharpness of vision, melanin serves to minimalize the number of light beams that enter the eye. It also provides for the absorption of scattered light within the eye. In this way, pigmentation allows for more keen sight.
Now that you understood what melanin is and what it does, it will suffice to say, to lighten your skin, you need high level of gluthation, what glutathione does is to destroy the melanin, so lack of melanin also takes it functions away.
We discussed extensively, but let me not bore with too much details, bottom line, I sold some couple of glutathione supplement on our shelf, they thanke dme,and as they made their out into their car,a middle aged women exclaimed, all these little demons, looking for whom to devour, chai I pity men!!!…lol
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  1. Interesting! You forgot to tell them to use a sunscreen to protect from sunburn

  2. Spatula eyelash that is funny. lnteresting write up. You forgot to add a sunscreen to protect their bleached bodies from sunburn

  3. Good good, very educative, so gluthation can lighten skin. so what of skin cancer, doesn’t bleaching in whatever form cause cancer of the skin?

  4. 50% of your classmates!!! abeg I need some numbers and i hope say dem never use glutathione to bleach. BTW, see beautiful njama come spoil herself with glutathione, and why you put her bleached skin and timaya, na timaya bleacham?

  5. So, if I use glutathion, I will be fair evenly, a beg wet your office dey, are you in Lagos?

  6. Actually i did forgot,but the truth is i do not think i know any sunscreen product,perhaps that is why it did not come to my mind . Lol,but the eyelashes long shaa

  7. skin cancer,known as melonomer in medical terms, can happen to anybody,but is more prominent in whites than blacks because they have less melanin. It is most times triggered by uv rays,so if one has less melanin like in Caucasian and is exposed to sun for a long period, such person might come down with skin cancer, but if you are black and exposed to the same amount of sun, you are not likely to have skin cancer. however,if you tone your skin,thus reducing the quantity of melanin then you might have equal rate of possible cancer as the Caucasians, but yours will be more if you live in Nigeria or Africa because of the higher exposure to sunlight
    N.B: exposure to UV radiation trigger melanin production in order to prevent damage to the DNA in integument(the skin). Individuals who are who are exposed to uv light will produce more melanin for protection

  8. just send me credit make i call you so that we go arrange…lol
    omoh, no be snap that picture o, na for google I “thiefam”, but I been know say she and igberi papa be dey do some kayn arrangement,

  9. Yes,i am in Lagos,mail me and i will know how serious you are. make you carry money come o sister peju

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