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Daily Pharmacist Diary…The Faith

Daily Pharmacist Diary…The Faith

faithI don’t know If you had listened to a track from Duncan mighty, that goes thus…
Give me fire, we geti power, make i usam do wetin you want eh X2
The power wey dey burn eh..
when Adeboye dey call your name o..
the power wey dey burn eh..
when adefarasin dey call name…bla bla bal.
I had to recall this song recently and tried to make more meaning out of it. Duncan mighty is aware he does not possess such powers men of God he mentioned in that track, therefore he had to call on God to grant him such powers. In our daily lives as Christians, we assumed we have such powers and most time put ourselves in harms way by being so ”annoyingly ignoramus” or how do you handle a man that came to complain about swollen feet, seriously, the feet were edematous, I asked if he has hypertensive or diabetic, he said that was BEFORE, I was like before?, how do you mean, I killed it with word, he replied. Okay, checked his BP,it was 215/113mmHg, his fbs ( he was fasting) was 277mg/DL. How do one handle this?

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  1. Referral shud be the best thing to do. The man is a walking corpse

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