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Edo 2018, how it went down plus side attractions

Edo 2018, how it went down plus side attractions

The acpn conference has come and gone, for those of us who weren’t there for one reason or the other, come with us as we take through Edo 2018 as it happened.
Day 1Sunday 1st of July was mainly arrival, so we arrived and checked into our hotels and rested
Day two.
From hotel to the venue Benin G. R. a is a clean place, no bikes(okada) and no tricycle(keke), taxi Was the main means of transportation, the drivers were cautious and nice I must say, they are welcoming and it somehow changed my perception about people of Benin. The venue of the conference(SIO events center) is a one storey building and it is OK for a conference of this class. The whole place was filled people, from different companies vehicles to their porters, to food vendors, book sellers, shoe, phone, clothes and even car battery sellers. We went straight to the registration stand and without hassle, we registered and were handed conference material which included toothbrush,meal tickets and a school bag to hold them, did I forget local camera men where everywhere like paparazzi, they snap every move you make within the venue, with and without your consent, and you go pay o, not by force sha, but by pleading and hyping your pictures.
The companies displayed their logo at strategic points within and outside the conference venue, their products where at their stands, pharmacists milled within the stands to buy products at “conference prices”. As One would expect, the big boys in the industry took the strategic stands,as you walk in, you are greeted with the sight n sound of clean looking gsk stands and staff, when you go upstairs, there you have Sanofi at first sight on the left of the staircase, on the right is a hall, that has been prefabricated into small makeshift shops and are occupied by different companies like skg, Chris ejike, wwcv, marts, caegrean, Avro, nhp to mention but a few. Here I noticed that advert was taken to a whole new heights, by gsk and naturesfield, besides the normal roll up banner, flyers and pamphlets, the main hall used for the conference was totally decorated by naturesfield, reload was all over the place, from meal tickets, to breakfast plates and cups to steps along the staircase, gsk took to theirs another level with toilet iPad adverts, when you go into the toilets to ease yourself, they had this beautiful stand with iPads that displays their adverts.. Owesome I must say. When it was time for lunch, I want to believe that food weren’t enough, many people did not eat, and some ate rice without meat, I think there was a communication gap between the cpc and the loc, I myself had to eat pounded yam which wasn’t my intention, I couldn’t imagine eating “meatless” rice.
The masterclasses were beautiful, opanubi did a good job. Barbecue night wasn’t bad, people ate and mingled but not toothpick.
Day 3
By now, I have seen old friend, classmates and guys that took me round, I visited kaddah… But.
Prof. Ozolua did a great job on his presentation, he is a brilliant professor I must say.
The tour of exhibition stand came, and I have given you a clue of what they look like.
Then came the night of laughter, the guys tried, especially the anchor guy and one commedian like that from warri, he made us understand that our president,Ahmed yakassai was well connected even to mami water…how… Well, next time come.
I go save Was the main commedian that night.. I wasn’t impressed with him.
The town hall meeting with the pcn registrer was good, he cleared some air about new Pharmacy Law, satellite pharmacy, RnG, and informed us that his new tenure had begun. The side attraction was a question from one pharmacist from Edo state, whether shop rent is now a criteria for location approval, it caused a uproar of laughter but wait…
This lady saw a premise, applied for approval and it was approved by pcn, while painting putting shelves and awaiting final approval, she confided in friend that she has done everything except the rent of the place, few days later, she was called by Edo pcn to leave that place, she went there to know why, she was told that there was a premise a fence away from hers, Lo and behold, it was this friend she confided in that quickly took a place, a fence away from hers and applied for location approval, according to the lady, the same pcn person that aporoved hers came to approve it, then she reported to Acpn and psn who now asked her to leave there because the guy paid rent before her, but she got approval before him. So one wonders how this could be possible, when has landlord and tenant relationship became a yardstick for pcn location
approval.. Only in Edo. However, the registrer promised to personally resolve the issue before the conference ends, hopefully justice has been served.
Day 5.
Pharmacist lere baale, did the best master class by any standard, he knows his stuff.
Then came the excursion, we all paid #2000 each, we went to legendary Victor uwaifo museum, we were given some Benin history, like the prince walking naked because he was so pretty that the people thought he was a girl, so the oba made him walk naked to prove he is a man to his people. We also saw a statue of the mammy water that uwaifo saw, if you recall the song.. ” if you see mammy water eh,x2 nevere…ever run away” .
From there we moved to the zoo, were we saw ostrich and live lion and lioness, we were told that the lioness was a gift to the Oba of Benin who donated it to the zoo as it scares his numerous visitors.
Then came the Africana night, were uwaifo played live, a prof indeed, very good with guitar and dancers are just out of this world. However food was not shared but some people ate to their satisfaction behind.
Day 6
A keenly contested election was held, where pharmacist Adekola emerged Victorious over Chima with 4 votes. We congratulate the new chaiman and wish him successful tenure, he should carry everyone along and not see this rare opportunity to serve as a vendetta because he scared me with way he went about his manifesto… “Give me your votes, I neeeeed you votes”….ema gbami keh, ejoor small small sir.
It was rumoured that one the candidates spent over #15m for campaign, I hope he did not win, if he did, then I see turbulence ahead.
I felt the organising committee had no intention of sharing food, until the entire echoed in unison.. All we are saying… Give us our food.. They brought the food, but it wasn’t enough.
Didn’t go for the dinner as it was pegged at #5000 per Pharmacist. In all it was a good conference.
Day 7…departure.

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