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Garlic:An overhyped supplement?

Garlic:An overhyped supplement?

Garlic, either in its raw form or as a main component of aesthetic supplement, has been promoted over the years, as a lipid lowering drug, that promotes healthy heart. But how true or authentic are such rather bogus claims. That garlic poseses some lipid lowering effects on its raw form doesn’t mean it does so as a component of exorbitant supplements. Even at that, the cholesterol lowering effect of raw garlic is questionable, as it efficacy lacks consistency. As a pharmacist, it sometimes baffles me why peoplele spend so much on supplements, and so called natural drugs, even for a long time,  with no therapeutic benefits, yet the keep according to This research, No form of garlic, either in its raw form or as the main component of fast selling supplements, possess significant clinical efficacy when taken for six months.

If, for any reason, one has a challenge with cholesterol, check with your doctor to confirm that,

and then with your pharmacist to see your lipid lowering drugs options


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