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Imitation, and deceit by Pharmaceutical of Companies

Imitation, and deceit by Pharmaceutical of Companies

As kids,whenever an uncle or an aunthy buys something they valued,and you hear daddy or mummy or any other adult around examine such purchase and say “this thing na imitation”, such product as been condemned as fake and substandard. Such believe was of immense value because, if a known brand made by a particular company is made by another company with similar design, and resemblance, such product is termed imitation and subsequently, substandard even if such product has the same value in terms of durability or effectiveness. This norm is consistent with what the academicians call ‘academic plagiarism’.Today, for Pharmaceutical companies in this country, product plagiarism has become a norm, just the way codeine containing syrup is now a norm for them. Many pharmaceutical companies in this country has resorted to codeine containing syrup as a means of marketing “unmarketable” brands as distributors are forced to buy in the ratio of 1:3. Anyway,that is a topic for another day.
The rate at which pharmaceutical companies plagiarize successful brands makes one wonder if the regulatory authorities are operating from the moon, does it mean that those who should checkmate this damaging trend are unaware of it or are non nonchalant about it. let me tell you what this will do to the future of branding.
1.   People will be skeptical about branding, because after successfully branding,they might loose their market to plagiarists
2.   It will encourage intellectual laziness with respect to branding
3.  If nothing is done about this fast, every other person may soon tow such line
This,in my opinion is a very dangerous trend that should be nipped in the bud, it should be looked into as a matter of urgency. imitation
I stand to be corrected, but I see no reason wormtrin should plagiarize the designs of pyrantrin, why should Dipridin and GHCL prednisolone Plagiarize perilon and no one is saying anything about this, this is just very wrong,recall we did a write-up on bad syrup covers, and tiny fonts, these and many more are what, we as Pharmacists, must guard against.

I strongly believe that companies that are involved in this unacceptable practice does so for one reason…to deceive!!!

Therefore, We must encourage uniqueness, discourage imitation and brand theft

As a Pharmaceutical company either as a manufacturer or importer, we encourage you to do a unique product design,if not, whatever you copy from others without properly and uniquely branding it, will be seen for what it is….IMITATION!!!

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  1. This is soooo on point!!!

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