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Nature…Think Again!!!

Nature…Think Again!!!

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That natural herbal mixture might not be natural after all. Yes as a pharmacist by profession and a pharmacognocist by training, I believe that herbal medicine do work very well and has less side effects, but how natural is the herbal mixture we consume on daily basis?
Let’s look at it this way, if you have ever had an encounter with a traditional medical practitioner may be someone who has, had “gisted” with you or you might’ve watched an epic Nollywood movie, then you might have heard the traditionalist given instructions to his subjects or clients on certain plants that would be needed, if you pay close attention, you might have noticed he or she emphasizing the need to harvest the plant very early before sunrise…..
Science is a collection of knowledge gained through serendipity or careful observation, and our fore fathers who lived before the advent of modern medicine knew the right thing to do even without knowing the reason for doing so. A traditional medical practitioner wants to get a plant before sunrise, the reason for this is because some the active ingredient needed for curing illnesses are volatile and evaporates with sunrise hence the need to harvest it before sunrise, many plants lose their curative ability when they undergo a processing, hence many of the so called herbal mixtures are just concoctions given for the sole purpose of deceit and dupe. It is very laughable when someone who is neither a pharmacist, a medical doctor nor a qualified nurse tells you that certain herbal product in finished form or certain networking products cures hypertension and diabetes, it become even worrisome when a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse advocates such nonsense. It is obvious that there is hunger in the land and hence the need to “hustle” but hustling at the expense of someone’s health appears evil to me, have wondered about the level of kidney and liver disease that we battle with on daily basis and death that comes with such, do not you think it correlates with the advent of herbal mixture and preparations, think again!!!
As a health practitioners and pharmacists doctors in particular, we act as gate keepers to the gullible public to guard and guide them about this war declared by ‘stomach infrastructure’ on our people’s health, let us try and live up to expectation.
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  1. Good and concise write up, we need more advocacy of this nature before herbal mixture ensure we have no kidney for our children unborn

  2. I wonder what Nafdac is doing about this, i am sure that muna’s death might not be inrelated tp this manace as i heard he was a heavy drinker, all these alomo and origin, God alone nows its content.

  3. But does it mean herbal product is bad, @doc, what is wrong with alomo bitters, it is a bitter and good for the system fah

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