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Pharmaceutical companies and ‘’unpharmaceutical” syrup covers

Pharmaceutical companies and ‘’unpharmaceutical” syrup covers

I do not know, perhaps I am the only one who is frustrated or has been embarrassed by patient because of bad syrup covers and closures. It beats my imagination how a pharmaceutical company will go all out to produce a syrup only for them to make a screw cap, which can only be unscrewed once and it begins to run free wheel.
I was thought in pharmacy school that some of the desirable features of a container closure is/are that the closure must prevent:
1. Access to moisture especially in containers containing hygroscopic drugs/ capsules.
2. Loss of moisture from creams and from water-containing ointments and pastes
3. Unintentional escape of contents; and entering of contaminants such as odorous vapours that might cause tainting.
Anybody familiar with pharmacy and medical practices would have observed that over 90% of the closures of syrups in this country can only be opened for the first time, and that is all. Any attempt to screw the cover back after initial use of the content (say 5mls out of 60mls) amounts to effort in futility. Many patients and patient relatives had resorted to all sorts of storage to preserve their syrups at least for the tenable and acceptable 5 days of syrups after the syrup might have been opened.
Pharmaceutical companies especially the indigenous ones, should endeavor to look into their syrup closures, it is becoming an embarrassment to medical doctors, nurses and pharmacist before their patients, it makes the product look fake, for heaven’s sake, how can you produce a drug, a bottle, and then a closure that cannot be tightly screwed back to its container after unscrewing for the first time.
All pharmaceutical companies should read desirable quality number 4 above 20 times, let sink in.
S. J Carter (2000) Dispensing for pharmaceutical student, 12th edition p 13..CBS publishers, New Delhi. India.
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  1. count yourself lucky if u get to even open them without eventually using a pair of scissors to remove the tacky proof band.

  2. i have noticed that as well…

  3. It is very worrisome…one of our staff was injured yesterday while trying to open a cough syrup for a patient

  4. The quality of product being produced by indigenious companies leaves more to be desired.. it gives patient a wrong impression,either they are badly packaged or the products are not well formulated… in summary, our pharmaceutical companies shud upgrade their standard, and ensure they produce the best of the product..

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