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pharmacy challenge 1

pharmacy challenge 1

let us be honest

let us be honest

ok, you are pharmacist,a pharmacy student,an intern, serving pharmacist, and you are alsO a drug expert…oh yeah!!!…exxxcuse mee!!!.
I read recently that

pharmacists are one of the most honest health professionals, so we have decided @ fututrerxdream to see how truthful we can be. today we look at three things. can you without looking at any book or looking it up in the internet or dictionary
1. spell correctly henderson hasselbach equation.
2. a substitute for flagentyl is?
3.the tipple H.pylori eradication therapy is
You will not believe what i wrote when these questions was thrown at me, for instance see my spelling for that equation..honestly it was funny, before you look it up, put your own answers here
I will see you on Friday next week with the answers
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  1. 1.Henderson haselbank
    2.swivasc(I know that one Lol)
    3.ulsakit of course

  2. Lol…but what does ulsakit contain?

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