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Addiction is a tough illness, and recovering from it is a noble path. Men and women who walked that path deserves our support and commendation…sheldon whitehuse

As drugs has been abused for hundreds of years, all over the world, their effects has been felt just as long. Since drugs have been used, there are always those who abuse them, which leads to full blown addiction and bevy of side effects that comes with it. As the physical and mental health implications becomes clearer, efforts by health care professionals, journalists and concerned citizens to salvage the situation gathered momentum.

According a report by vanguard newspaper, three million bottles (3m) of codeine syrups are consumed daily in Kano and Jigawa state alone. Also, a 2015 Annual report of the Nigeria law enforcement agency NDLEA, shows that the northwestern part of Nigeria has the most arrest for drug related offences, a total of 2,205 persons.

The drug of abuse that has become a menace in the hands of people are tramadol, codeine and recently methylated spirits, for the youth and for the elderly, bromazepam (lexotern,talen)and tramadol, therefore, the drug abuse menace cuts across all age groups in our society

These brings us to a very important question, WHY DO PEOPLE CONSUME THES DRUGS WITH RECKLESS ABANDON. The answer is simple, because of the effects of these drugs on the reward centers of their brain. The short term effects of consuming these drugs is euphoria, a sense of reward or ‘highness’ and altered consciousness. However, long term abused can lead to seizures organ damage and ultimately death. Other social vices like robbery, rape, mugging, domestic violence and even assassination can be carried out under the influence of these drugs.

As the companies who are involved in the production, importation and  marketing of these substances of abuse, path their marketing managers and distributors on the back for a job well done, as they lodge them in expensive hotels to celebrate a good year, as they give awards for best performing sales reps, they should also remember that their successes on these drugs of addiction, puts members of the society and families of addicts in a very difficult situation, it will therefore be advisable that the sales and marketing of these drugs be done under the most  responsible and stringent set of rules, they must, and as a matter of moral responsibility adhere to the rules guiding the sales and marketing of these substances.

As a matter of urgency, the producers, importers, marketers, prescribers and dispensers of these drugs, must all come together as a viable single force to bring this scourge to its knee. Unless this is done as soon as possible, Nigeria might raising a nation of drug addicts.

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