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How safe are medicated soaps and detergents in Nigeria

How safe are medicated soaps and detergents in Nigeria

Everyday and everywhere in this country, the use of medicated soap has not only become a norm, but connotes a social class. The manufacturers of these products has used adverts to dull our natural intelligence.

In 2013 the world’s leading food and drug watch dog, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration handed out a proposal that require manufacturers of antibacterial hand soaps/body washes to demonstrate that their products are safe and/or more effective than ordinary soap, after three years, the manufacturers failed to prove that their product were better than ordinary soap, therefore the FDA descended on them and banned antibacterial soaps, one week later, Australia did the same
My point is this, it is over three months these bans took place,and our regulatory authority, the NAFDAC is yet to look into it, at least reduce the rate of deception in the name of adverts, it is better to advertise a product for what it is and capable of doing, rather than attributing a quality it clearly lacks to it.
                               Important things to note
1. Antibacterial soaps and washes are not better than ordinary soap
2.Their long term use MIGHT lead to antibacterial resistance,hormonal changes and fetal damage
3. There is no added advantage of having antibacterial in soaps over washing your hands with soap in running water

The truth remains that, a lie told for a very long time unchallenged eventually becomes the truth.
I heard of an incident of a rape victim who used the detol to “wash” herself and refused taking post exposure prophylaxis, with cases like this, it is a very dangerous trend that must be tackled with all sense of sincerity.
In the words of Stephen Leacock ” Advertising is the science of arresting human intelligence,long enough enough to get money from it” Let’s be guided.


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