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There is nothing natural about supplements and herbal drugs



A crude drug is a vegetable or animal drugs which consist of natural substance that has undergone no other process except collection and drying. On the other hand, supplements are products intended to supplement the diet and may contain one or more of the following: vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, or any combination of the above ingredients. They are not drugs and, therefore, are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure diseases.
It is expedient that we all understand that crude drugs are not dietary supplements and vice-versa, a dietary supplement which the supplement industry spends millions to convince people to believe that such products are natural are in truth neither natural nor close to being natural. According merriem-webstar dictionary, natural simply means not having any extra substance or chemicals added, not containing anything artificial. Can any of us, with all honesty, say that the so called natural products are natural? The answer is very obvious. Let me take you a step further, for those that still find time to travel home or visit the rural areas or do so through Nollywood, you might have observed a herbalist (not voodoo priest), who insist on collecting certain plants before sunrise, the reason for this is because, the active ingredient in such plants, which is responsible for its therapeutic effect might be lost with the heat of the sun as most of them are volatile oil. So there is not nothing natural found in dietary supplements.
We hear almost on daily basis that supplements does not have side effects, laughable as this is, it has become the selling point of most supplements, but it is a big lie. This lie is in addition to what they normally claim it does, which in most cases is a fat lie, supplement usage and trust has jinxed our people and even all over the world like network marketers makes one believe one can become rich by selling, prescribing and dispensing what people do not need, all in the name of moving from one level to the other and possible opportunity of travelling. This method of marketing should not be applicable to drugs…it is organized 419.
For instance, ginko biloba is a natural supplement, and thus ought not to cause side effects, but it causes heart palpitation, ginseng causes hypoglycaemia, nervousness and excitability, ginger may cause nausea, green tea may cause insomnia and so on. Many of the so called flushers and bitters contains purgatives like senna which has profound ability to cause stooling, thus they sell them as flushers, to flush your system, people believe their system is flushed when they stool …ignorance is indeed a disease.
The world regulatory bodies like FDA, NAFDAC, EMA etc, need to do something, they need to tighten the regulatory rope on supplements. We need to understand when we are taking natural products, crude drugs or dietary supplements.
There is nothing natural about herbal and dietary supplements,it is all deception.
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  1. u dey mind them? Even the overblown moringa has toxic effects. what of bacterial contamination in this bitters. when I read the processes standard drugs go thru to come into the market, I wonder why NAFDAC and FDA ll relax on what people tend to consume everyday in d name of supplements. Raise the stake high and they ll all fizzle out.

  2. My issue is dat pharmacist do nt have enough information or knowledge to combact this ever growing supplement.. we need to know which is which, it wud help us stand our ground and be my incharge as the supplement are being welcomed

  3. In my opinion, supplements are good and they have always being in existence for ages. Some of the claims have been proven scientifically and are published in journals. However a lot of other claims are just marketing gimmicks put together by companies to siphon money and get followers from the unwary health-conscious people. It is the responsibility of health professionals to be up to date on supplements, their right and wrong uses so as to be able to educate the consumer. The trend we now see in the supplement market has come to stay. People really want to remain healthy rather than visiting a doctor when they are sick. Like I always tell supplement consumers, food is the best medicine. Only take supplements on recommendation from a health professional.

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