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Tiny fonts, scanty leaflets

Tiny fonts, scanty leaflets

As a pharmacist,most times I get rally worried about the abysmal performance of our so called regulatory bodies. I am really worried about the way the leaflets inside the drug packets are prepared for the Nigerian market,it is even more disheartening that no one seems to notice. A Closer look at the “Nigerian” drug leaflets,you will notice the following:
1. They contain scanty information
2. The fonts are too tiny for an “average” eyes.
3. information in the “scanty” leaflet is in itself scanty.
Take a look at these two leaflets and judge for yourself
If you take a closer look at the first picture below,you will notice the bulkiness of the one on the left (meant for UK market) compared to the on the right for Nigerian Market.

Amoxicllin leaflets L- UK market R- Nigerian market

Amoxicllin leaflets
L- UK market
R- Nigerian market

It also important that I state here,that the leaflet that is meant for Nigerian market is in two languages,the front is in Enlish while the back is in French,that means all the information available in only on the front page,

flip side of "our"leaflet

flip side of “our”leaflet

When both papers where unfolded..judge for yourself.

Both leaflets unfolded

Both leaflets unfolded

Every issue and blame concerning drugs comes to the door step of the pharmacist,perhaps that is why I feel bad,and you should too. This is not the only atrocity these pharmaceutical companies commit,recall we wrote on unpharmaceutical syrup covers

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  1. Wow!!!, this such a wonderful wright up, seriously I have missed you. I can’t help but laugh at the papers when unfolded. Keep up the good work, we r behind you.

  2. Thank you Jacob, I really feel encouraged with your comment

  3. i had the same experience a few weeks ago. i seem to think that the information is put there just to fulfill all righteousness. i wonder what is the difference between a terms and conditions leaflet(which are sometimes even more legible) and a drug information leaflet.

  4. it is very unfortunate,and even more annoying is that is the fact that no one seems to notice

  5. You are doing a good job my pharmacist, our regulatory bodies should do something about things like this, thumbs up bro.

  6. Thank you cyril, this should serve as wake up call

  7. Well… I would like to commend what you are doing. However I would love to ask if the package insert (PI) compared were for the same drug in different regions or just different drugs entirely?, because having the opportunity to have worked for a multinational company I’ve actually not seen much different in PI for Nigeria different from that of other regions. However, there are slight difference when it comes to pack size or other storage conditions that have to do with the climate condition. But rightly put those scanty PI are mostly from the products either smuggled in or even registered with our so called regulatory bodies. So this calls for a wake up call for them. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  8. I still blame the regulatory bodies on this mishap. Informations abt drugs not being respected, drug abuse and mis- use has become d order of the day.. for crying out loud we are men of honour. Someone needs to be heard..

  9. Thank you Nelson for that insight.
    To answer your question, both drugs are amoxicilin,both are marketed in Nigeria, but while one is made according to UK standard,the other was made according to Nigeria std.
    We all know that, ordinarily, these companies would not bother with providing such info, but they are required by law to do so,and then a functional regulatory body ensures they comply with the law. But here we have a rather dysfunctional regulatory body.

  10. I agree totally with you evans

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