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Treated for typhoid and malaria,killed by hypertension(Bp)

Treated for typhoid and malaria,killed by hypertension(Bp)

For those of us that thrives on the shores of community  pharmacy  practice, the phrase ” I had a mild headache, and I know it is malaria  and typhoid” is neither new nor strange.

However, many of these self diagnoses, are neither typhoid  nor malaria, but a persistent  high blood  pressure  which has begun to nimble on the life of its victim, with  such a gradual and progressive consistency that ensures the victim permanently  changes address in the nearest future  if nothing is done to check its furtherance.

There is this lady, that comes  in on weekly  basis to check her Blood pressure  for the past one year,  with such dedication  that I had to ask why she thinks she is hypertensive, despite the weekly result  being  on the contrary.

She narrated a story of how she had lost a very dear colleague of hers  to high Bp. According  to her,  her friend had a blood  pressure which has been treated then, and she had been fine,  until she began to suffer consistent  headache, which she assumed was typhoid  and malaria and was taking malaria and typhoid  drugs,  the symptom(s)  re-occurs at weekly  intervals, at a point she had to visit the hospital, she was checked  and told that her Bp was not that high and she just needed  to tone down  on salt,Maggi in take and rest very well. She was of course treated once more for typhoid  and malaria. However, within a month  the symptoms re-occurred, she decided  to take drips and injections. Two days after the treatment, the headache  got really  bad and she was rushed to the general hospital where the health personnels tried their best possible within the circumstance, but she couldn’t make it, one of the doctors told  us that she died because her Bp was unsually high. Therefore, I have decided  to check mine on weekly basis,  cos I don’t want  to die  like that.

This story shows mildly,  the decdanc of our  health system, such manageable  illness has claimed  the lives of many. Let’s look at it this way.

1. Was she educated by the pharmacist  where she constantly  buys malaria  medicine or were they more interested  in her cash

2. Was she educated by the Doctor Who treated  her ab initio, that Bp  has no cure for now and hence the need for it to to be managed.

3. Did whoever administered that drip bother about her history.

These are fundamental  questions that might be of no use to the dead but might  be of help to the living. Let us all understand  that mild headache might not just  be malaria  and typhoid, that we don’t  treat  typhoid and malaria and allow  a patient to die of hypertension.

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