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Well done delegates!!!

Well done delegates!!!

conference-_3-465x310The news reaching us is that delegates at the ongoing national conference has voted against apointment of surgeon general, we congratulate them for their insight and and love for the nation. We do not see this as a victory for anyone but a way forward for the health sector. When all stakeholders in the health sector see the need for office of the surgeon general, we will present it to the government as a body, for let it be.

According to the leadership newspaper delegates at the ongoing National Conference have rejected a proposal by the Standing Committee on Social Sector headed by Iyom Josephine Anenih that an office for the Surgeon-General of the Federation be created.

Earlier before the resolution at plenary yesterday, a group of delegates had rejected the proposal for the establishment of the office as contained in the report of the committee, which was presented and debated at plenary.

The delegates, in a motion paper distributed to delegates and the conference leadership titled “Motion Submitted To The National Conference Against The Establishment Of The Office Of The Surgeon-General Of The Federation,” also urged other delegates at plenary to reject the proposal as well.

The 37 movers of the motion led by Dr. Uno Uwuga, added that the office in question is alien to most health systems worldwide and will amount to further bureaucratisation of the structures of the health system without additional value.

“The conference should advise the Federal Government against unnecessary duplication of offices or creation of new bureaucracies in the health system that does not add any value to the primary task of providing quality health services to Nigeria.

The conference should not entertain the proposition for the establishment of the office of the Surgeon-General of the Federation,” they said.

The motion was however overtaken by events as conference already rejected the proposal ahead of entertaining the motion.

Meanwhile, delegates at plenary resolved that free-healthcare including free maternal services and free school health programmes be established for children aged 0-5 years; senior citizens from the age of 65 years; persons living with disability or the physically challenged persons.

In the same vein, delegates also unanimously decided that a social security policy be put in place to cater for the wellbeing of the elderly in addition to the pension policy.


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