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Why are you here…in this profession???

healthI hope you guys and ladies had a great weekend, yeah, sure you did, and if you did not, common, there are so, so many weekends ahead of us. okay,having said that i would want to share an experience with you

We went out for a game at the house officers/interns lodge of UNTH last friday and an argument broke out between the doctors and the scientists, after much  argument, one of the H/Os asked the scientist “can you swear that you have never entered medicine in your jamb form before becoming a scientist “. well you do not want to know what he swore, however, the scientist after swearing asked the H/O “can you give me 5 reasons why you entered medicine if not for money or follow follow”.

Now,i want to ask you that self searching question and i hope i would receive an answer that reflects the truth. can you give me 5 reasons why you entered pharmacy,nursing,medicine,scientist etc if not for money or follow follow”.


  1. 1. i love the profession ‘pharmacy’ from my heart and i’ll become one, soon. 2. i want to contribute to the saving and protection of lives and maintainance of goodhealth. 3. i love the whole ‘magic’ in the formulation and dispensing of drugs. 4. i wana be recognized in the society, i dont want 2 be ignored. 5. for the money; the pay is good, ofcourse i want to be successful and fulfilled in life.

  2. Kabiru Abubakar A.

    1. l love pmcy becouse i believe we can develop our own natural drugs 4rm natural sources
    2. pmcist are hardworking professional and I, hate laziness in my entire life.
    3.pmcy as a professional course offer one to have more conection both withing and outside the country. to my believe human capital is the most important capital.
    4.It have been said a professional, man does not work in order to be paid but he is paid in order that he may work
    5. lastly i strongly believe that desting can not be change but can be denied

  3. Pharm. Maduka uchenna prisca

    I can proudly beat my chest dat I never for once filled medicine in my jamb form. Pharmacy was my first and only choice. Where will d health sector be without the pharmacists. The patient can’t get well without d drugs. The profession is a prestigious one. I love d industrial pharmacists who toil day and night to develop new drugs and make old ones better. It’s just a pity Nigeria is in short supply of this gurus. We ll get there someday. So for d prestige, d money, d satisfaction, d service to humanity and self worth, I ll fill pharmacy again if I were to write jamb again

  4. My jamb was Pharmacy first choice, Medicine Second Choice in the same institution. That is the craziest choice I have ever seen, but truly my choice is a true reflection of things. Do you know what it means to discover a new drug entity, do you know what is means to design a dosage form put into cosideration pathology, physiochochemical factors and pharmacokinetics parameters of a drug, do you know what it means to constantly be in d lab with maladies that befall man in view, do you know what it means to stand beside hundreds of millions of patients who due to poverty can not access the hospital year in year out? If. You know then you are a pharmacist, WHO knows and that is why it designated sept 25th to celebrate and appreciate this noble professional for their humane and indispensible role in saving human lifes through medicines discovered and produced. This is why I choose to be a pharmacist and not a doctor, because there can never be a world doctors day – never. I am Nigerian young innovative pharmacist eventhough I conceived the idea of an antiretroviral agent and CCR5/CXC4 inhibitor (Miraviroc) before it was produced both used in HIV management I shall not be late this time on my recent flash of a genius in cancer management. This is why I have always wanted to be a pharmacist.

  5. From the depth of my heart, i love for this, keep that fire burning until we fire at all cylinders!!!!

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