22We all know that the foundation of the medical field lies in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and of course chemistry. However, as we graduated from secondary school , and gained admission into higher institution, focused training along these bedrock of science was undertaken according to your professional interest.

For the purpose of these write up, I will focus our attention to the core areas of health, that is pharmacy, medicine, laboratory   and nursing, this is not in any way intended  to discredit other professionals not mentioned here.

For one to be a good medical student, he/she ought to be very good in biology, and may be chemistry, As a prospective medical student, ensuring that biology runs in your blood stream is a good step in the right direction, your anatomy,pathology, haematology ete etc all revolves around this lovely course,all what they do in medical school and practice is an offshoot of biology, for the medical lab scientist, be good in chemistry, may be biology especially the mechanism of production and composition of body fluids and a bit of mathematics, as a nurse, you do not necessarily need to be good in any core science, all you need is  a lovely and tender heart, as a nurse you must have a good heart, Christ kind of heart if you ask me( I stand to be corrected). However, as a pharmacist nature has placed the burden of being good in these core areas of science on you, you must chew chemistry, you must understand biology, mathematics (especially statistics)should be your middle name and physics…your cousin. One cannot be a good pharmacist when you do not understand the fundamental knowledge of pharmacy….chemistry, it is said that pharmaceutical chemist are the most intelligent people in the world(lol), your life would be frustrating as a pharmacist if you hate mathematics, as everything you do will in involve maths, from calculation of dose, to calculation of pharmacokinetic profile, calculations involving scaling up and scaling down  in drug production within the industry, when the drug is ready in its dosage form, woe betide thee  if you have forgotten your statistics in order to calculate the friability,hardness of  your tablet, the bioavailability of your drug and so on, then if you are involved in clinical trials, you will take me to a dinner for telling you to make maths especially statistics your middle name, you think biology is less important?, don’t worry, when you need to understand how your antidiabetic  affects the pancreas, you will know its importance, when you need to know how your furosemide affects the heart, you will fall in love with biology, if you need to tell other professionals the best route of administration of a certain medication (when you are not there) via labeling, you will appreciate what biology has done in your life as a pharmacist. So,what about physics, please do visit pharmaceutical industry and see the importance of Archimedes  principle, application of density and relative density…ohhh, do you still recall your phase rule…that’s is pure physics.

From all indications, is clear that a good  and dedicated pharmacist is the best  trained and most intelligent person in the health sector, if you are pharmacist, you can work anywhere in any sector, no limitations, pharmacy is the most diverse aspect of health, it is not even a contest, from academia to hospital and administrative pharmacy ,from industry and community  to research, even as a traditional medical practitioner(pharmacognosy things) …common men of honour, keep thy head high, but do not be rude, as the most educated health professional, I say…happy new month.

Ugwuleke clement is a pharmacist and can be reached at ugwulekecc@gmail.com or 07039710463 or at http://www.mypharmacymydream.wordpress.com


  1. Nice one noble colleague. This is good advocative opinion paper. An information revolution is very eminent.

  2. consolation speech.after all this long articles.The doctors still take the led over you.is it now you are waking up from sleep.pls kip on sleeping.you still remain our drug marketers period.

  3. do not be pained because pharmacists has come to take their rightful place in the health sector…deal with it

  4. The profession has come to stay, thumb up my noble colleague for a well articulated writeup.

  5. pharmacist ugwuleke Clement

    thanks dear

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