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Why We All Must Stay Away From New Paintings

Why We All Must Stay Away From New Paintings

New Paintings, whether for a car or a house has been is something we all look forward to,as it beautifies and gives what is painted a new and more appealing look.
Lead exposure occurs through contaminated air, and food. for most of the twentieth century,the major sources of lead in the environment were lead-containing house hold paints and gasoline. Although the use of lead based paints has diminished greatly,lead contamination remains important health hazard,particularly for children.
Lead use in paints pose special concerns because of their permanent and potential for serious harm to the environment and human health, especially of children, pregnant women and future generations.

Over 700 under-five children died from Lead poisoning to date and another over 3,000 still requiring treatment from the Lead poisoning incident which occurred in Zamfara State in 2010.

In 2009, SRADev Nigeria,a team of civil society organisations (CSOs) , carried out a study to analyse 30 paints sampled from the Lagos market. The result showed that all exceeded permitted lead levels far beyond the recommended limit of 90ppm, rising to alarming levels of 129,837ppm.

Most of the absorbed lead (80%-85%) is taken up by bone and developing teeth; lead competes with calcium, binds phosphates, and has a half life in bone of 20-30 years. EXCESS LEAD CAUSES NEUROLOGICAL DEFECTS LIKE PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHIES (kpaja kpaja, otangwere) IN ADULTS. IN CHILDREN,CHRONIC LEAD EXPOSURE CAUSES NEUROLOGICAL DEFECTS AND MANIFESTS AS;

Therefore,as you paint your house, cars and offices to give them a new look, befitting of your social and economic status, ensure that you and your kids, especially,stay away from the new paintings for at least two weeks.

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