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Meanwhile the the doctor telling you thar they have started residency in pharmacology,did you ask him if that will accord them a slot to be registered in pcn as pharmacists? These are issues we must be well informed on. Cos we all might be the only mobile billboard, that pharmacy practice in Nigeria will ever have.Their proffession is saturated and unemployment,hunger and confusion is taking over. So any available channel is a way out. Even If it’s to do residency in zoology. Some are begging to open pharmacy shops.In fetha,ebonyi state,there is a pharmcology dept headed and run by doctors alone. That’s ok by me. But what is their role?truth is that its just an office created to employ more doctors. They are often sitting around doing absolutely nothing. But if support is not given to the pharmacy dept of such institution,that pharmacology dept will one day start claiming relevance.The consultant pathologists/heamatologists vs lab science war got to this point cos it started at a time when there existed gross ignorance in the ministry of health In Nigeria.so they shouldn’t hope same will happen to pharmacy vs consultant pharmacologist.  Today every arm is awake and watchful. No mago mago Can occur like in the days of Dr. Ransom kuti,who by the way is the cause of all our problems. He brought about this division by favouring the Dr so much.I dont blame him cos when Adelusi,a pharmacist, was there as health minister,he was upright and straight. He never gave us undue advantages. As it stands,undue advantage, is the new way out. Whilst your doctor friend is glorying in the new residency in pharmacology,my dear, hope he is aware we run a residency now too?Most pharmacists will leave school and wont enrol for the west African post graduate college of pharmacists.why? That’s sad. All things being equal if by Nov I graduate from Wapcp as a clinical oncologist,does that make me a medical Dr?no!it only makes me a pharmacist that is a consultant in clinical oncology…more knowledge about that area of practice to give the right advice and better collaboration. Will I suddenly start doing surgery,chemotherapy or radiotherapy on cancer patients?no! My consultation will still be limited to the issues that are drug based in cancer. So a doctor doing residency in pharmacology will only be stupid to think he is suddenly a pharmacist.Whilst they have not recovered from Pharm. D,we stepped up to residency too. They should better upgrade from M.B.B.S to MD first. They are the only ones in the world still graduating doctors as mbbs holders. Lols. Bachelor of medicine,bachelor of surgery. *scoufsNigerians call them doctors by default cos there is no doctor in the mbbs certificate. I am glad with community pharmacists,their new layouts,especially those practicing pharm. Care. They are changing our image in the Nigerian society. Its the hospital pharmacists that baffle me. Majorly layed back and accepting of any rubbish….By Pharmacist .Ene Jane Francis-ani


  1. This is an eye opener for all our colleagues who really don’t know who they are. Nice write up.

  2. Seriously, the hospital pharmacists are the cause of all this rubbish. So lazy. Comfortable with dispensing drugs. But I trust yakassai and olamide to nip this in the bud. Arrant nonsense.

  3. I am sorry to say but the hospital pharmacists are the cause of this. UDDS was established for them to provide better clinical patient service but most of them are comfortable with just dispensing drugs including some of the consultants. But I trust Yakassai and Olamide to shut the mouth of this so called resident pharmacologists. Arrant nonsense.

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